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Kommentare – Soziale Plugins – Dokumentation – Meta for Developers

Über den Wert fb:comments-count wird die Anzahl an Kommentaren unter einer bestimmten URL in einem -Element auf deiner Webseite angezeigt.

Commenting | Facebook Help Center

Kommentarer | Hjælp til Facebook

Facebook.com on mobile browsers is in the process of being updated. See more … How do I mention people, Pages or groups in a post or comment on Facebook?

Adjust who can comment on your public Facebook posts

Sådan tilpasser du, hvem der skal kunne kommentere dine offentlige opslag | Hjælp til Facebook

Tap in the top right of Facebook. … Scroll down and tap Settings. … Below Privacy, tap Public Posts. … In the Who Can Follow Me section, tap Public or Friends.

Som standard kan alle kommentere dine offentlige opslag – også personer, der ikke følger dig.

How do I comment on something I see on Facebook?

Hvordan kommenterer jeg noget, jeg får vist på Facebook? | Hjælp til Facebook

Tap below a post. · Tap Write a comment at the bottom of the screen, then type in your comment. Tap to take or upload a photo. Tap to comment with a sticker. Tap …

Du kan kommentere noget, du ser i dit feed eller på en andens tidslinje på Facebook.

Facebook Comments Plugin – Meta for Developers

Facebook Comments Plugin | Facebook for Developers

The Facebook Comments Plugin enables visitors to easily have a discussion around your content. Improve engagement, increase time spent on site, …

The Facebook Comments Plugin means more engagement and less spam. Install on your site with ease and enable high-quality discussions at scale.

Turn comment ranking on or off for your Facebook Page


The comment ranking setting is automatically turned on for all Pages. This means that the most relevant comments will appear first below your posts.

Du skal være administrator for at tillade rangering af kommentarer på dine sideopslag på Facebook.

Was ist ein Facebook-Kommentar? | Sprout Social

Ein Facebook-Kommentar ist eine von drei Möglichkeiten, die Nutzern auf Facebook zur Verfügung stehen, um mit einer Marke oder Person in Kontakt zu treten.

What is a Facebook Comment? – Sprout Social

What is a Facebook Comment? | Sprout Social

A Facebook comment lets you respond to a post or picture on Facebook. To comment on a Facebook post, click Comment underneath the post, or click into the …

A Facebook comment is one of three ways that customers or followers can engage with a brand or individual on Facebook

How to find comments made by someone on Facebook?

How to find comments made by someone on Facebook? Sotrender Resources

24.07.2020 — If you remember a specific user by name, you could type in “comments made by ” in the Facebook search bar. You can narrow down the search …

We’ll show you how to find comments made by someone on Facebook so you can easily manage and respond to users on your Page.

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