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19.01.2022 — Method 1: Zoom in on YouTube video with Browser Zoom Feature ; Ctrl” key on your keyboard and ; scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out videos.

[4 Solutions] How to Zoom in on YouTube Videos?

08.11.2022 — Option 1. Tap on the three-dots icon in the upper right corner, select Zoom from the list and adjust the percentage of zooming by taping + or -.

How to zoom in on a YouTube video? You’ll figure it out after skimming through the 4 simple guides in this post.

How to Zoom in on A YouTube Video [4 Methods]

05.08.2022 — Tatsächlich testet das Video-Portal gegenwärtig die sogenannte Pinch-to-Zoom-Funktion. Die erlaubt es, wie aus anderen Anwendungen bekannt, ein …

Can we zoom in on a video on YouTube? When will you need to zoom in or out a video on YouTube? How many ways you can use to zoom in on a YouTube video?

YouTube: Video-Plattform experimentiert mit Zoom-Funktion

22.11.2017 — The new zoom level is applied automatically. Note that this will show only part of the video on the screen. Once done, click on the new zoom …

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04.08.2022 — YouTube is testing a new mobile app feature with its premium subscribers that allows them to zoom in on any video. As noted by 9to5Google, …

Find out how to zoom YouTube videos using easy to use and install browser extensions, or third-party media players that can play YouTube videos.

YouTube’s latest experimental feature lets you zoom in on …

YouTube’s latest experimental feature lets you zoom in on videos – The Verge

25.10.2022 — How to use Pinch to zoom option on YouTube … Step 1: In full screen mode, touch the video with two fingers. Step 2: Move your fingers away from …

YouTube Premium subscribers can test a new experimental feature that lets them zoom in closer on videos with a pinch gesture. The test is running through September 1st.

Want to zoom in on a YouTube video? Now do it this way …

Want to zoom in on a YouTube video? Now do it this way | How-to

08.06.2022 — Ziehen Sie einfach das Video auf die Timeline > bewegen Sie den Cursor zur richtigen Szene im Videos und klicken Sie darauf > Klicken Sie auf „ …

YouTube FINALLY lets users zoom in on a YouTube video while playing. Here’s how you can do it.

Wie man ganz einfach in ein YouTube-Video hineinzoomt

Manche Nutzer haben Probleme mit ihren YouTube-Videos, wenn es ums Hineinzoomen geht. In diesem Artikel geben wir Ihnen einige Informationen an die Hand, um Ihnen weiterzuhelfen.

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